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Arabic & Islamic primer course

 Equivalent to 1st-year Alamiyyah diploma certificate.

12-month course: £25 per month or £250 for the whole year.

Every Saturday 3 - 6 PM

Starting 4th November


Committed to attend every lesson and on time

Demonstrate desire to learn more about the deen

Ability to fluently recite the Quran by looking

16 - 26 year old male

Holding Notes


Arabic Language - اللغة العربية

Tafseer - تفسير

Fiqh - الفقه

  1. Introduction to Arabic Grammer

  2. Arabic grammar, sentences & Vocabulary

Book Studied: دروس اللغة العربية

  1. Introduction to the science of Tafseer

  2. Tafseer from surah Naas until Duhaa.

Book Studied: تفسير نصف جزء عم من ابن كثير

  1. What is Fiqh

  2. How did the study of fiqh develop

  3. Introduction to the four Madhahib (Hanafi, Maliki, Shafi’ee, Hanbali)

  4. Why did scholars have differences of opinion

  5. Fiqh of Taharah (Purification)

  6. Fiqh of Salah (Prayer)

  7. Fiqh of Sawm (Fasting)

  8. Fiqh of Zakah (obligatory charity)

Books Studied: 

 المدخل في دراسة الفقه

متن شروط الصلاة وأركانها وواجباتها

الأجوبة للقدومي

Hadith - الحديث

Aqeedah - العقيدة

  1. Explanation of hadith on various topics such as worship, character, etiquettes, actions of the heart & virtues of actions.

Book Studied:   المقرر قي حديث     الرسول

  1. Introduction to Aqeedah (Islamic creed)

  2. Where does a Muslim take their religion from

  3. Introduction to tawhid

  4. Different deviated sects within Islamic.

Book Studied: شرح مبادئ التوحيد

Seerah - سيرة

  1. The lineage of the prophet ﷺ

  2. His birth

  3. His various names, how he was raised in Makkah

  4. How revelation began

  5. How he made hijrah

  6. how he passed away ﷺ

Book Studied:   مختصر سيرة النبي وسيرة أصحابه العشرة

Tazkiyah - تزكية

  1. Exploring heart felt reminders for which develop taqwa in the heart of its reader.

Book Studied: 

مفتاح طريق الأولياء

لابن الشيخ الحزاميين

Hifdh - حفظ القران

  1. Memorizing at least half of Juz Ammah

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