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The Speech of Allah

By Ustadh Aqueel - Transcribed from post maghrib reminder 02/07/2023

We are blessed by the grace of Allah, as He has chosen us to be among the Muslims. Indeed, the Muslim Ummah is a community of immense blessings, for it follows the footsteps of the most honored messenger, Prophet Mohammed ﷺ . His message is unparalleled in its greatness, and those who embrace his teachings become the greatest of followers.


And the message of the prophet is captured within the Quran and within the Sunnah. And we find that the Quran, it was the greatest message that was sent to the greatest messenger of the people ie Mohammed ﷺ, but it was also sent through Jibraeel AS. So there is a chain of greatness. The greatness of the message, the greatness of the first messenger, who was Jibraeel AS, and then the greatness of the second messenger, the prophet ﷺ.


The belief of Ahlu Sunnah is that the Quran is the uncreated word of Allah. From him, it came, and to him it will return because Allah SWT will raise the Quran when the time of the hour approaches. And if we think about this, this is a significant part of our Aqeedah. In the dunya, everything is created. we are created, the buildings that we look at, the animals, the plants, the earth, everything.


But the only thing that is not created in this dunya is the Quran Al Kareem. And within that, there is enough evidence and there is enough of an indication as to the virtues of the Quran, because there's nothing like the Quran as it's the speech of the lord of the worlds, and it's not created.  No medicine, no guidance, no words, no book comes near it. And this is the challenge of the Quran to the Mushrikeen at a time where their eloquence was such that they could try to challenge it, but no one was successful. The eloquence of the Quran was such that when the prophet ﷺ recited surah Al-Najam in Makkah, the Kuffar of the Quraysh were overtaken by its beauty and its eloquence, that at the end of it, they all prostrated because they understood the meanings of the words. They understood that it couldn't have come from anyone other than Allah. Allah SWT describes the believers when they listen to the Quran.


“It is Allah ˹Who˺ has sent down the best message—a Book of perfect consistency and repeated lessons—which causes the skin ˹and hearts˺ of those who fear their Lord to tremble, then their skin and hearts soften at the mention of ˹the mercy of˺ Allah. That is the guidance of Allah, through which He guides whoever He wills. But whoever Allah leaves to stray will be left with no guide”  - Surah Zumar, Verse 23


The Quran contains within it the lessons of the previous nations, the destruction of the previous nations, the success of the previous nations. The news of the prophets who came before Muhammad ﷺ. It contains within it the rulings through which we can rectify our lives. It contains within it the descriptions of the Jannah, the paradise that we're promised. And it contains within it descriptions of the fire which we seek Allah’s SWT refuge from. And it contains within it  guidance for us in a modern world, it contains within it a cure for us. Each of these could be a lecture by themselves, such is the depth of the Quran.


It's a book where part of it is similar to other parts, meaning that there is a consistency of style in it. It's often recited, and this is Allah's description of the believers. The skin of the people who fear their Lord,  trembles when they hear the Quran, Allah SWT says:

“Had We sent down this Quran upon a mountain, you would have certainly seen it humbled and torn apart in awe of Allah. We set forth such comparisons for people, ˹so˺ perhaps they may reflect.”  Surah Hashr, Verse 21


So this is the state of the believers when they hear the Quran, and if this isn't our state, then we have to look within our hearts. We have to question ourselves and we have to make dua to Allah SWT, that he makes us from the people who benefit from the Quran, because if this isn't having the effect on us, there's something inherently wrong within us and there's something that we need to address.


And then after this, after the fear of their Lord, the skin and the hearts of the people who fear their Lord, will become soft. And this is the second impact of the, once the individual recites the Quran, once they ponder over it, once they have gotten over the initial fear and awe of it. It gives peace and tranquility to the hearts of those who fear him.


So we should ask Allah SWT that He makes us from those whose hearts and whose skin feel tranquility, from His revelation.


“That is the guidance of Allah, through which He guides whoever He wills”


 The prophet ﷺ said in a hadith narrated by Abu Hurairah and collected by Abu Dawud and Muslim:

“And there isn't a person who comes to a house from the houses of Allah reciting the book of Allah studying it, amongst themselves, except that tranquility descends upon them and the mercy of Allah will envelop them and the angels will wrap them up in their wings. And Allah will mention them in the gathering that is with him. (angles)” 

So the benefits of coming to the Masjid, learning the Quran, studying the Quran, its recitation, its tafsir, its grammar will bring with it benefits that we can only imagine. Can you imagine the tranquility that we'll feel within our heart in a world that's gone mad? Can you imagine the mercy of Allah SWT descending upon our children, when they hear the speech of Allah and when they hear it being explained, the angels enveloping us coming around us, taking note of us. This is the blessing of the speech of Allah SWT. And then on top of all that, just as we remember the book of Allah and the meanings of the book of Allah, Allah will remember us within the sitting that is with him and what favor for the slave is above this.

All of us should have the intention to memorize the Quran. The prophet ﷺ was 40 years old when the revelation began and when it ended he was 63.

So we ask Allah to give us the benefit of the Qran, to make the Quran the spring of our hearts. We ask him to bring us together as a community upon the Qran and ask him to make the Quran an evidence for us and not against us on the day of judgment.

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